Dispute Resolution Services


We provide a forum, a structure and a process within which the parties to a dispute can work toward a reasoned resolution. 

Our principals have extensive experience working with complex information and documentation, in the application of the relevant law to complex facts, and in the determination and explanation of alternative remedies and outcomes. 

Our focus is on resolution in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Where mediation of a dispute has not been agreed upon by the parties or has not resulted in a successful mediated settlement, we provide timely, effective, efficient and neutral arbitration processes as an alternative to cost prohibitive and delayed court proceedings. 

Our principals again have extensive experience in the conduct of arbitration proceedings  and in the timely delivery of reasoned decisions.

Mediation of Family Corporation Disputes

Disagreements among family members with respect to the operations of a family business enterprise, whether at the Management, Board or Shareholder level, may not have reached to stage of a formal dispute, but are nonetheless disruptive to the business. 

We have extensive experience working with family enterprises, and the resolution of family business disputes, and can provide a reasoned and neutral third party approach to cost effective and efficient resolution of such disagreements.

Mediation of Board of Director Disputes

Our principals have years of experience as Board Members and as counsel to various Boards. 

We have extensive knowledge of Board governance issues, Board responsibility issues and the relationship between Board and Management. 

Where disagreements at the Board level have not yet reached the stage of a formal dispute, but are nonetheless disruptive to the governance of the corporation, we can provide neutral advice, guidance and a process to arrive at a reasoned resolution of any such disagreements.

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